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easy solutions team

our goal:

make technical issues no longer your problem

The founder of the agency is Max Frai - a famous programmer from Kiev, who has more than 10 years of experience in implementing the coolest projects you've definitely heard about. We advise to read more here

The word goes out to Max:

Hi! I recently heard that a business without technology and digital can be buried. And it is true. Today's trends leave no one to be sidelined by these trends.

You want to grow, you need digital solutions.

My job is to show you that technical business development is not a problem, but a great prospect.

I have worked with many agencies, brands, and industries. And I realized one thing: there are a lot of creative and cool ones, but only a few who can take away your headaches.

My main rule in my work:

Don't drag out for years what can be done quickly and just as cool. Don't overload with technicalities, but speak the same language and solve problems in a way that automates everything as much as possible.

What we do:


  • Websites
  • Applications
  • Creatives


  • Brands
  • Websites
  • Pages


  • Brands
  • Websites
  • Pages


  • Strategies
  • Services
  • Texts


Solve problems of any complexity

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